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Recycle. Reuse. Repurpose ... Video.

Posted by Kelly Costanzo on Oct 16, 2014 11:08:35 AM

Think you can't afford another video production? Think again. The days of leaving video footage on the cutting room floor are over and it's probably safe to say that you have enough footage from previous shoots to create a new video or even multiple videos.

Maybe you shot interviews with your CEO, your top customers, your leading sales team members — the list is endless, but there are usually great nuggets of information in that footage that has never seen the light of day.

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Favorite Adobe Premiere Features

Posted by Matt Bjur on Aug 18, 2014 8:23:00 AM

A Video Editor’s Perspective on Making the Switch from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro – Part 3 of 3

I won’t bore you with all of the nerdy details of how much awesome sauce Premiere is packed with, but I will highlight two of my favorite features that have vastly improved my editing workflow.

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From Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere

Posted by Matt Bjur on Aug 5, 2014 6:52:00 AM

A Video Editor’s Perspective on Making the Switch from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro – Part 2 of 3

We often get asked which editing software we use, so in part two of this three part series, we’ll talk about how we recently switched from Apple’s Final Cut to Adobe Premiere.

We knew it was time to make the change from Final Cut to Premiere. Third party vendors were no longer supporting Final Cut Pro 7 and it was obvious that Apple was targeting consumers instead of video professionals. Meanwhile, Adobe was improving on Premiere and many video production companies were changing over.

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Posted by Kelly Costanzo on Jul 22, 2014 5:59:00 AM

A Video Editor’s Perspective on Making the
Switch from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro — Part 1 of 3

Remember those black, analog cartridges called VHS cassettes? How about biking to the nearest Blockbuster to browse the latest selection of recently released Hollywood hits. You’d watch a movie with family or friends, eject the tape and on the tape was a “Be Kind, Rewind” sticker. Sometimes it felt like rewinding the movie took just as long as watching the movie. As you reflect on technology, this wasn’t all that long ago.

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Public vs Private – How to Stream Your Video

Posted by Tim Lewis on Jul 6, 2014 4:09:00 PM

There are generally two routes most business communicators take once their video is complete:

  • Make it public and share it widely, or
  • Keep it private for a specific audience, but available by link

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